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summary: you’re over my head / I’m out of my mind / Thinking I was born in the wrong time (Classic, MKTO)

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To the anon who was asking about Acacia. She's a Youtuber who dated Sam Pottoroff from O2L, and none of his friends got along with her. They had a lot of bad things to say about her. Supposedly she only dated him cause he was hot and famous. Anyway, she's also been known to fake self harming and she's been caught sending lots of nudes. She once sent nudes in order to get free tickets to a 5sos concert. and she's incredibly rude to her own fans.

Maybe not a nice girl then

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Every time i ask this question ppl say they don't like to answer it or to look on google but google doesn't help so maybe you can? Who is Acacia Brinley and why does a lot of the 5sos fam not like her? Plz answer xx

i don’t do gossiping because i’m here for the music and dorky idiots but from what i’ve kind of heard she’s vaguely youtube famous and had a thing with sam pepper but has also got something to do with 5sos? i assume she’s a kind of groupie because we know what everyone thinks of those

i don’t know and in all honesty i don’t care, i’m sure she’s a nice girl

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I'm so annoyed at the rock out with your socks out tour dates for London caus it's right in the middle of exams and I have AS exams but I'm still going, but at the back of my mind I keep on thinking its a bad idea :/

all the dates are around exam time but you just have to bear it all in mind and make sure you manage your time right :) me and katy will be doing A2 exams which will decide our university future and Jenny will have AS exams too

it’s a weekend though and as long as you’re on top of revision it’ll be fine - I went to One Direction on the 8th June and that was a Sunday and I had an exam on the Tuesday


I wrote a song! It’s super serious and I’m pretty sure I’ll win grammys with this song.

Note the sarcasm.

Quick mid-week video because I might not be able to upload at the weekend! Oki doke, please share, subscribe etc :) it’s very short, I hope you like it!

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