Anonymous: This is totally random and stupid but does it count as bullying if the same two guys call me a stupid bitch daily, say fuck off if I even breathe next to them, when they're forced to sit next to me they'll complain and groan while the other laughs or when they say who wants to sit next to _ the other one will laugh and say no thanks. And If I talk near them they say shut up. Idk, I feel like it's just their thing to be such dicks. But my friends think it's bullying. What do you think?

almost certainly sounds like bullying to me

i’ve been really loving ariana grande’s album recently and i’m just imagining all four of the boys jamming before they go onstage with the sass of the tiny rnb singer like omg 





if you catch me on the street listening to my ipod and i do a swift head turn i’m probably in the middle of filming my imaginary music video. do not disturb.

I have found my people.

who else like closes their eyes during a buildup and then pops them open when the chorus or w/e starts as if like the video’s starting or there’s a swift transition like nope i dont have a weird tic i’m just making a music video

youre all my soulmates

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